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Meeting Room Hospitality Services

Dependable Meeting Room Hospitality Solutions

  • Samarpan takes care of end-to-end hospitality requirements within the office premises including meeting room management solutions. Our expert professionals can streamline meeting room operations within a modern corporate by fulfilling all custom as well as standard requirements.

What we do?

  • Ensuring that all meeting room equipment, fixtures, electrical fittings, etc. is functional before start of any meeting

  • Placing requests for conference, meetings, lunch, refreshments and recording them electronically

  • Refilling of all perishables and stationery items within the meeting rooms before a meeting

  • Update meeting room boards according to reservation requests

  • Facilitating all arrangements for seamless conduct of meetings including placing additional chairs, cleanliness of meeting room area, tea/coffee stations, etc.

  • Ensuring timely delivery of lunch/refreshments according to the schedule

  • Cleaning and bringing the meeting rooms to original state post-meeting


Why Choose Samarpan Facility Management?

  • Dedicated &diligent workforce committed to fulfilling custom requirements

  • Strong vendor network/partnerships for facilitation of meeting room perishables & refreshments

  • Customized meeting room hospitality solutions


Take your Meeting Room Hospitality to the Next Level
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