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House Keeping Services

Reliable Housekeeping Solutions for
Spotless & Clean Office Spaces

  • As an integrated facility management solutions provider, we offer routine housekeeping solutions based on your customized needs and cleaning requirements. Our housekeeping solutions are meant to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and around your office premises.


Our Efficient Housekeeping Solutions

  • Routine Housekeeping: Schedule based housekeeping solutions for daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning.

  • Requirement-based Housekeeping: Housekeeping and cleaning services based on custom requirements raised between the routine housekeeping operations owing to any contingencies.

  • Specialized on-demand Housekeeping: Housekeeping solutions on-demand for deep cleaning required before client, managerial and auditor visits.


Scope of our Housekeeping Services

  • Dusting/polishing of furniture and sills

  • Floor polishing, vacuum cleaning and mopping

  • Wall, ceiling, door, window and staircase cleaning

  • Washroom housekeeping

  • Workstation housekeeping

  • Reception area housekeeping

  • Meeting room cleaning

  • Corridor and lobby cleaning

  • Kitchen, pantry cafeteria housekeeping

  • Chandelier cleaning and maintenance

  • Exterior housekeeping for roads and pathways


Why Choose Samarpan for Housekeeping?

  • On-demand and routine housekeeping solutions

  • Integrated housekeeping services based on requirement

  • Use of high-quality cleaning agents for cleaning surfaces

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